We work across the UK & Internationally to offer extensive UKAS Calibration & EMC Testing

EMC Design & Development

EMC Testing Centre for Product Development

ETC has years of experience helping product designers and developers bring their product to market through a robust and thorough understanding of requirements for EMC testing.

Your engineers are able to carry out design & development work in our versatile EMC testing centre by directing bespoke EMC testing.

Unlike many labs, we do not charge consultancy fees and you only ever pay for the test days you book. Whilst at our facility our test Engineers are there to advice and support to give you the best possible chance of designing and developing fully compliant electronic equipment.

Considering EMC testing problems from the earliest stages of the design process can reduce time and money getting your product to market and avoid any late stage failures in EMC testing which can cause significant delays to the manufacturing process.

If you would like to discuss your EMC testing requirements please contact ETC on 01237 423388 or email us at info@etcal.co.uk

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