We work across the UK & Internationally to offer extensive UKAS Calibration & EMC Testing

Military EMC Testing

Extensive Military Product Experience


We have extensive experience of working with military products and testing EMC Standards. ETC Has extensive experience and specialises in working to Def Std 59-411 & 59-41 as well as US Mil Std 461D, 461E, 461F & 461G. We were also the first lab in the UK to gain accreditation for NATO Standard AECTP-500. This NATO standard is a combination of the UK Defence Standard and US Military Standard requirements and is now beginning to appear as a requirement on new military contracts.

UKAS Accredited Military EMC Testing

UKAS Accredited Military EMC Testing


When you are ready to carry out full final testing to Military EMC Standards, we will be able to give you a Military EMC Test quote and timescale for testing. If you are not quite at the final EMC Testing phase, we are happy to discuss your requirements for EMC Testing. Our experienced EMC Engineers are happy to work with you through development to provide valuable advice to ensure, when at final compliance testing, you receive a Pass.

We encourage your engineers to attend test days and they can then direct the military EMC Tests or repeat EMC Tests they want to carry out on your prototype product. This flexibility enables your engineers to look in detail at specific problem areas and experiment with different equipment configurations. Our EMC Test engineers have detailed knowledge of the Military EMC Test requirements and we have ample space for you to work and carry out adjustments. Our expert EMC Engineers are happy to offer practical advice, and we don’t charge consulting fees to give this information. The result of early EMC Testing is a better product and more knowledgeable design engineers.

UKAS Accredited Military EMC Testing Lab

Our EMC Engineers can carry out all test levels for the UK Defence Standard and US Military Standard using Screened rooms, our fully anechoic chamber and our 2 reverberation chambers.

Our reverberation chambers are ideal for generating high RF Electromagnetic fields to give you valuable information about the EMC Properties of your product. These EMC tests subject your equipment to polarisations on all sides in one EMC Test run. It also allows for much larger equipment to have its EMC properties tested.

Our large reverberation chamber is not only used for Radiated RF susceptibility testing, but is also an excellent facility for performing screening effectiveness testing. The larger chamber covers up to around 350 V/m below 700MHz. Our smaller EMC Reverberation test chamber allows for testing up 2000 V/m from 700MHz up to 18GHz

Numerous Accreditations For Military & Defence


  • > UK Defence Standards 59-411 & 59-41
  • > US Military Standard 461D, 461E, 461F & 461G
  • > Aerospace Standards RTCA D0160D, D0160E, D0160F & D0160G
  • > AECTP-500

Please view our full UKAS Schedule for full capabilities but please also note that we have LAB 39 Status meaning we are able to add some standards to our existing schedule.

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