We work across the UK & Internationally to offer extensive UKAS Calibration & EMC Testing

Dimensional Calibration

Temperature & Humidity Controlled Dimensional Calibration

We offer traceable calibration of general dimensional engineering tools. Calibration takes place in our dedicated environmentally controlled Mechanical Standards Room, because a difference of just 1 degree in temperature could affect the calibration results. Dimensional instruments are calibrated for compliance with either the British Standard or the manufacturer’s specification and all certificates are traceable to National Standards. Collected, Calibrated and Returned, within 5 working days.

Instruments We Calibrate Include:


  • ‣ Balances
  • ‣ Height Gauges
  • ‣ Box Angles
  • ‣ Micrometers
  • ‣ Engineers Squares
  • ‣ Thread Gauges
  • ‣ Gauge Block Sets
  • ‣ Vernier Calipers
  • ‣ Go-No Go Gauges
  • ‣ Weighing Scales


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